Coco the chinchila!

  1. awwww. i love her so much!
    shes my new baby!
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  2. Omg!!!!!! SHE IS TOOOOO CUTE!

    I have always wanted a Chinchilla..........My parents dont like rodents though (Ive had a hamster though)

    Sigh...........Your so lucky.....I want a Chinchilla! :smile:

    Did you buy her on your own?
  3. AWWWWW how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Coco's a cutie!
  5. HaHa! How cute! Many years ago I had a cat named Coco!
  6. Ok, what to hear something funny?

    About 2 years ago I was in this pet store looking at the exotic birds (I was debating getting a colorful bird LOL) and there was this chinchilla up front. Well, I had never seen one before so I was just staring at it trying to figure out what it exactly was and this salesman comes up to me and starts talking about the chinchilla. And I go, "It's an interesting breed." because well.. it does look very interesting LOL. And then he goes, "It looks like a rabbit, squirrel, and mouse had a threesome and this is the result."

    I about died right then and there :roflmfao:
  7. no, my mom got her for me :smile:
    i did pay her back for half of it though..

    my brother also helps take care of her!

    tell your mom that they are more rabbit than rodent, they dont bite, they have no odor, they are SUPER social, very veryvery very easy to train, and really intelligent.

    the only downside is that they shed a little.. they also can get heatstroke really easily.
  8. :roflmfao:

    omg. thats exactly what she looks like!!!
    only really really really fat
  9. She's adorable! I had 2 chinchillas when I was younger.
  10. She's so cute! Aren't they the sweetest pets!
  11. oh jesus, what a funny guy!
    coco is such a cutie!
  12. YES! and i love love love your avatar
  13. omg, SOOOO cute!! I've always wanted a chinchilla!
  14. what a cutie.
  15. So:huh:OOo:huh:OOOO cute!!!:love: My SO wont even let me have a hamster :crybaby: