"Coco puzzle" black patent available at Manchester

  1. Just had a call from Katy in Manchester Selfridges to say that they have a black patent "Coco puzzle" which is the one which looks like it has jigsaw stitching on. Aparrently similar to a 112 classic size. It is £1575.00.

    They also have a black lambskin with thick gold chain from Act 2 s/s for £940. Apparently it has the CC logo stitched in to the leather but is not quilted. It is smaller than an a normal tote measuring 28cm by 18cm high.

    So there are more to come!

    Will get more details tomorrow when i call in. :graucho:

    nb Selfridges do mail order

    "Selfridges can arrange for most of our products to be paid for over the phone and sent direct to your door. Simply dial 0800 123 400 (Overseas customers should call +44 113 369 8040) and ask to speak to the relevant department.
    Delivery costs vary, please do ask the relevant department when you call"
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks for the info!

    What is the 112 classic size? Is that like a 225 reissue?
  4. Is there any Chanel boutique in London Selfridges?
  5. May I know the size of the Coco Puzzle bag? Is it similar to reissue 226 or 227?
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. I just picked up this bag in the states. The version I get is similar to 226 reissue. I called it the Patent Puzzle Reissue. I think get the the point across.

    The bag is spectacular.
  8. Yup yup...there is. Tel no: 02073183606
  9. thanks for posting this~~
  10. May I know how much this bag is? And whether you know if there are other sizes?
  11. $3250. I think there are a few sizes out there. I may be wrong though. My size is similar to 226 reissue at 11 inches lengthwise. It has the burgundy leather lining similar to 2.55 Anniversary. Great for evening!

    I loved the bag at first sight and hadn't researched it before, so maybe another tpfr could better answer this question.

    Hope that helps...
  12. Thanks Abazcat. I think the one I am waiting for could be smaller, maybe at 9 inches? I'm glad to hear good comments about the bag because I might buy it from the US sight unseen!
  13. Here is the info although not sure they still have it in...

    Large tote measures 13"w x 11"h comes in White, Red, Dark Blue, Black $2,325
    Classic flap bag measures 10"w x 6"h comes in Red, Dark blue, Dark Navy, Black $3,095
    Drawstring measures 18"w x 16.5"h comes in Dark blue, Black $2,650
    Small tote with flap measures 12"w x 8"w comes in White and Black $2,725

    Also not sure how the praces translate into GB pounds. Sorry not much help!
  14. Chanelfans, there are two Chanel outlets at Selfridges in London:

    1, The Chanel Bar on the ground floor, west wing

    2, The accessories boutique on the 3rd floor I think. What's lovely is that the Chanel bar has LV next to it as well as all other bag designers so you don't have to go far browsing. Heaven:p
  15. abazcat: Post photos please! :girlsigh:

    Poshhoney: :woot:. But what is Drawstring?