Coco (Nicole Austin)denim manhatten?

  1. I was in the L&O forum,and I found this picture of Coco (Ice T's) wife holding a Denim it real or is it special order??. I was watching the Jamie Kennedy show on MTV last night,and I think she had a denim sac plat that was real (with pantina)

    ps..the picture is a bit graphic.. she is wearing her usual hoe gear :sick: god I see the cottage cheese from here!
  2. its fake.
    omg, she looks so skanky in those clothes.
    shes hanging out everywhere and her face is sooo hideous. lol.
  3. ewwie, to both the fake bag AND her.

    the denim is completely the wrong color, i bet a well-meaning friend bought it for her or something.
  4. Wow, I guess the bag isn't the only thing fake in this picture
  5. Totally fake looking. Does she think she looks good when she leaves the house? ewww
  6. With body like that ,she needs to cover up

    The bag is fake
  7. ahh wow =(..hmm the manhatten doesnt look bad in Denim though.. how do you guys know its fake(other LV never made a manhatten that was denim)she has a other authentic denim bag..maybe she is denim crazy,and wanted a denim manhatten.As the same way most of you guys want a BH in Damier?. She has a couple of LVs In some other picture I saw she had a vernis pink bag with pantina..
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I zoomed the pics:
    It's just my opinion...[​IMG]
  10. Holy hell.. what a train wreck.
  11. I'm sure her parents are proud. Gag.
  12. The Colors are off
  13. WHY?!:cry: :yucky:
  14. hahaha "you can take the girl out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the girl" HAHHHAHAHAH
  15. her bobbs are pure plastic, her legs really need to be covered, the bag is just:yucky: