coco leather Cabas or Expandable Flap? Please help!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. love the expandable :heart:
  3. cabas looks younger, expandable looks more mature

    I like cabas.

    But I also like expandable, but not this flap. The expandable tote !!
  4. the expandable flap in the pic doesn't look like the flap from current season... if judging from the pics, I prefer the expandable flap over the cabas :smile:
  5. I love them both, but think the expandable flap is more versatile. What a choice to have to make though . . .!
  6. I prefer the Expandable Flap. It has a great chic look.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. both!!! :tup::tup::yahoo:
  8. i'm a coco cabas die hard fans... soooo.... COCO CABAS IN LEATHER :yahoo:
  9. my 2nd thought - Coco Cabas!!!
  10. another vote for the expandable flap
  11. definitely. expandable flap.
  12. Even though I love the cabas, I vote the expandable. It's my favorite! Tough decision!
  13. I have not seen the expandable flap only the tote until now and I love it! The flap is more versatile. If you are looking for structure the flap is the bag to get. Let us know what you decided. I am going to call my sa about the flap today.
  14. I love the Cabas so I would get that one
  15. Well, one is a little more delicate and elegant... and one is more rugged, casual and heavy duty, everyday.

    Which would you use more?

    This is a very difficult question. My first thought was the Cabas, but I am really loving the Expandable, especially the newer one.

    I'm no help.:p