Coco Handle Paradise - help me choose

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  1. After a long wait to put my hand on a Coco Handle ....
    "No sorry, they're all gone"
    ... my SA sent me some pics this morning from a fresh arrival at the Geneva boutique, she told me that I was the first on the list!
    Now I have to choose one :nuts:
    My heart is telling me to go for the Pink .. .. ..
    Price is CHF 3720 (3740 USD) for the Small (Mini) size.

    a4dbb4de-2f63-4e10-b0a3-662a1d92c2c2.jpg fb3808ef-4580-4c12-99c3-c6af79710eae.jpg IMG_0429.JPG IMG_0430.JPG

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  2. Black or the red one :love:
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  3. I like the red and the blue!
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  4. I like the red too
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  5. Lucky you! I like the red and black. Your heart is telling you pink - what goes best with your wardrobe, what will you wear most often?
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  6. BRONZE!!!! It's so unique and metallics go with everything all year round!
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  7. Black.
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  8. It’s between the red black or beige for me. That red is gorgeous!
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  9. The blue and bronze are TDF! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  10. How do you make a choice when they are all so pretty? I really like the red and the blue one, but if your heart wants the pink one you should go for pink!
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  11. Go with what your heart tells you! The red and blue are stunning!
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  12. Black, red or cream for me.
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  13. Pink is actually my least favorite of the bunch; that particular bright pink is just a little too "young" for me, if that makes sense at all. Love all the other colors! That shade of blue looks like it'd match everything, the beige is gorgeous as well, and the red... But everyone has different tastes. :smile:
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  14. Love the blue, red and the black one.
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  15. Bronze or Pink
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