~Coco Handle or Mini Classic Flap?~

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  1. Hi everyone! My SA will have the small Coco handle and Mini rectangular CF soon but I can't decide between these 2 beauties!! She did mention the Mini is caviar with gold hardware. I've always wanted the Mini but it was sold out by the time I decided. Then I saw the Coco handle and I loved it. Any thoughts or advice on these two? I don't carry much either so I don't need anything bigger.

    Thank you in advance!!
  2. The small coco handle is actually bigger than I anticipated. It could be used as a daily vs the mini as an evening handbag or a day when you don't carry as much. I first bought a boy then fell in love with the coco. I'm adding a the black caviar mini as soon as the cruise is out!
  3. Thank you much!! Anything helps!!
  4. Hi. I Use My Chanel Coco Handle approx 3x per week. Its very light and honestly its fits my Chanel small wallet, iPhone, key cles, Chanel card case. Very Functional Bag, with no worries because of the Cav Leather. Hope this helps
  5. I stick to classics so mini gets my vote - much harder to get and price only going up.....
  6. Thank you so much!!!
  7. I love the coco handle. However, if the rectangular mini is a good size for you, the small coco handle may be too big. If you like both sizes ok for daily use I would say get the coco handle.
  8. Thanks!! I'm leaning towards the mini.[emoji173]️
  9. If there is a particular color u want for the mini u might want to jump on it if you see it. Other wise, get the coco handle.
  10. Thank you!! No I'm getting black for now.[emoji173]️
  11. Hey, did your SA mention if they'd get black lambskin, or it's all caviar now? I'm dying to find out what kind of gold hardware it'll be, I think I read someone told them it was aged gold.
  12. She got the list wrong so I might have to wait longer.[emoji20] She said the mini is in caviar and lambskin with light gold hardware. She also mentioned the ninja black on black.

    Bag below belongs to Btchannel. She posted this on her IG.
  13. Where are you based? We only have lambskin minis in Australia at the moment :sad:
  14. Ahh but I thought you wanted the caviar with gold combo? Isn't that what's coming in Cuba collection? I know right now to buy they have lambskin with the rhw or lghw.
  15. I'm in Southern California. [emoji4]
    Yes I want it in caviar with gold but I will be happy either way. Just as long I get one. [emoji16]
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