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  1. I wonder if fellow lizard handle owners can tell me if their coco handle came with CITES document?

    I've bought my long awaited coco handle whilst on holiday in St Tropez in early September. I'm looking at the receipt from the boutique, and there is a line which states "CITES Ref:", but it was left blank!!

    I didn't realise I might need CITES as there's none when I bought my stingray Boy.

    Hope that I'm just worrying myself for nothing! flowers
  2. If in Singapore? :nuts:
  3. I didn't get any document along with my lizard handle mini coco handle but I live in EU and I bought it from EU too. Not sure if you would only need the documents if you are travelling outside of EU in order to clear with the customs? Not sure if this is helpful at all......:sad:
  4. ladies, do you find the quilts directly 'under' the clasps are 'dented' over some time?
    does it bother you?

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  5. I realized this might happened due to the chain hook so I was careful to position them properly such that the hook doesn't poke into the quilts. But I guess it won't bother me if it happens to my bag as it's not too obvious. :smile:
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  6. thank you for sharing :love:
    could i trouble you to show a pic on how you attach the clasps please?
  7. ladies, any pics sharing how the clasps of the strap is attached is very much appreciated.
    looking forward to learn the best method from all of you :flowers:
  8. I have the same problem too unfortunately..... and it happen on 1 side of it. Same side as yours. It does bothers me a little too. But it's not too obvious actually, so I still enjoy the bag just as much! This bag is too gorgeous to think about it......
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  9. Hello there! I don't have any picture yet but I saw that SnapeHBP has a video on youtube showing how she attches her coco handle shoulder strap.

    If you are interested the link is here:

    I luckily haven't noticed anything on my mini coco yet, fingers crossed!
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  10. I haven't noticed any issue with my mini either but I do make sure that the pointy side of the clasp isn't resting on the leather when I store my bag. Basically just loop the chain around the handle and position the pointy clasp away from the leather. If the indentation is from the small ring soldered to the handle, then I reckon there's nothing we can do.
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  11. dear ladies, thank you so much for your replies. i bought a twilly today, hopefully the method will reduce direct stress on the quilts, pictures to come soon :smile:
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  12. pics as promised :smile:
    the corner ends of the twilly were threaded through the loop and made to act as a protection between the clasp and quilt.
    DSC_1603.JPG DSC_1605.JPG
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  13. #88 Sep 28, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
    2 more overview pics

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  14. Wow that's brilliant! I need to try the same with mine ;)
    Thanks for the great tips!
  15. IMG_5670.JPG
    Got this last year in small, I notice new arrival this year are strap detachable what a plus.
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