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  1. From what I gathered, those sizes have pretty much sold out worldwide. You might want to wait for the nxt release in calfskin (I think). Or, try ringing the Chanel helpline and they will help you locate one!
  2. Thank you!!
  3. Thanks @aki_sato! I love love this little bag. :smile:
  4. Oh that's very kind of you aki_sato! I'm around 5'3" and I like both sizes :smile: I wear a lot of mini bags but I think the small one isn't too bulky and a very good size too!
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  5. Hello thank you! Hmmm this is my first time purchasing lizard skin so I'm not sure. My SA said I shouldn't worry about it though. I read in the forum that the lizard skin does not hold out too well to the moist so I guess that's the thing I need to be careful with. It seems very rigid and I can't feel any part that could peel so far. That being said I just ordered a twilly to tie around the handle :P
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  6. Oh and yes the navy blue is lined with fabric and the lizard one with leather :smile:
  7. Has anyone seen the color swatch for the pink mini coco for cruise that Saks is getting?
  8. Hi girlies!! I need some opinion on this... I have the small coco handle and I'm thinking of shortening the shoulder strap as it's a bit too long for me and I find it somewhat inconvenient getting in and out of it. I'm 5ft 3". Anyone has any idea? I tried to twirl it around the handle and the length seems to be just right. But does it awful and spoil the whole design of the bag? IMG_1474451505.895797.jpg IMG_1474451529.581178.jpg
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  9. The twist around does not look obvious to me so I guess it's ok, just to make sure that it does not leave marks on the handle? I am also 5'3'' but I think the chain of small coco fits fine on me :smile:
  10. I saw your pics! Really really lovely.... Especially the pink one, totally stands out. Very subtle and girly colour. However, I personally like the length of the shoulder strap in mini size, but the size of the bag in small (hope u know what I mean). Hahaa... I was even thinking maybe I should buy a mini size, interchange the strap, so I can use the shorter shoulder strap on my small one, and at the same time, I can sling the mini size crossbody with the longer shoulder strap. I tried on both mini and small size. The python mini is really so tempting! IMG_1474457592.338160.jpg IMG_1474457613.405914.jpg
  11. Exchange the chains are actually a great idea! Too bad my chain on small coco can't be detached :sad: Otherwise these two bags can be used in many different ways! That being said - do get a mini coco, they are fantastic ;)
  12. What do you think about this bag?

  13. Thank you for the recommendation!! Yeah, it's really tempting to get a mini and I think a fun colour will be nice. Does it look awkward if the chains are swapped? Imagine the chain is pink or red python and the bag in black. Hahaaaa!
  14. When would the next Coco handle release? :nuts:
  15. Cruise collection! :biggrin:
    Which will vary according to the countries. If you're in Aussie, it will be around mid-Nov.