**Coco Handle** Club

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  1. Such a pop of color! Love it :heart:
    I won't say I am done with coco handle after purchasing two ;p
  2. Very pretty modeling shots!! Love it on you dear! Really love this feminine soft sweet color. Pray hard cruise collection will have same shade of pink!! Thank you so much dear!!
  3. You are more than welcome my dear! Fingers crossed for Cruise pink coco! By the way they just released Act II on the official website...dangerous world Chanel is!
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  4. Yes so dangerous... !!!
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  5. Ha ha thank you my dear! Luckily he just got a haircut so looks pretty decent these days :P
  6. The lizard handle is absolutely gorgeous on this bag! Was this combo only in Asia?
  7. Looooove your pink coco handle! Do you think the lizard handle will be easy to peel as compared to your all caviar navy one? Is the caviar navy one lined with fabric? Thanks!
  8. So... Moved to the clubhouse as requested. :smile:
    And here's my lizardskin handle coco from the original release.

  9. Thank you @Mooshooshoo
    Love your CH and the fluffy pom! If I have them in front of me, I think I'll be confused as to which to pet first!!! :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
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  10. I think in Europe too as @fawnhagh bought hers from Venice : )
  11. Thanks for sharing @Bridgidu
    Your CH is the small size? The colour is so beautiful! It's bold but seems very neutral! I've never seen this hue!
  12. Thanks @fawnhagh your CHs are so beautiful! I love your pink mini because it's so feminine yet can be playful too! The black one is so versatile too! If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you for reference? You wear both CH so well! Most often I found, when certain size suits you really well, other sizes don't look good on - but the two different sizes look equally nice on you! :smile:
  13. There you are @Angeline L :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
    Love your CH! I totally adore the pink handle on the black! I think it makes it so unique!!!