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  1. Here is my black mini with shots of the leather interior and what it can fit: Lv cles, Lv 6 key holder, a large coin purse (fits bills, cards, coins), wet wipes, enough room left to fit my phone and a pack of tissue. Perfect! IMG_1473811636.770030.jpg
  2. any modeling shots dear?
  3. Love it, such a functional bag! I feel like I might need one size up too. Oh dear
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  4. Haha same here. I am trying to tell myself I don't need a mini coco but so hard not to love mini size!! I feel like I need one mini too!! Never ending wish list lol Love that it fits slightly more than mini flap!!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy a small size or mini size coco handle black , I'm in Los Angeles , if anyone can help or refer me to an SA or third party seller would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance ...
  6. Ya definitely never ending wish list :smile: I'd like to think that the small coco handle could work as an alternative to a jumbo. Caviar jumbo is just too heavy for me.
  7. Yes it fits more than Jumbo. Jumbo too heavy for me too.. I have weak shoulder..
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  8. Plus Jumbo feels quite bulky! I think small coco is the perfect every day bag!
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  9. @fawnhagh you're quite the enabler haha!
    I saw your pink mini coco handle reveal and fell totally in love with it, lucky I was able to get my mini before they all got sold out
    Now to wait and see in the next release if the calfskin coco handle would be just as beautiful! Enjoy ladies
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  10. Ha ha I am usually the one says 'go go go' lol!
    The small sizes sell out extremely fast which is really crazy......I remember I called London, Paris, Hamburg and Taiwan to find the small coco and finally found one in Munich and that was back in Febraury. Situation seems even more intense now!

    Look forward to see the new coco in calf too!
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  11. Dream bag! Everyone's is absolutely gorgeous!!
  12. Love everyone's coco handles, especially fawnhagh's pink one Here's the one I got last year, I'm trying to get the ones without the lizard handle... IMG_1473873820.353379.jpg
  13. Got some mod shots and what fits inside the mini coco here (RasberryLV you have seen them already ;))

    The full leather interior

    What fits inside (sorry my camera must be dirty so the picture is a bit blurry...)


    Mod shots

    Compare to my small coco

    Hope it helps :smile: