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  1. hello! thinking if this bag is a kelly wanna be? or it's holding its own as a gorgeous chanel bag.

  2. I never thought of this bag as a Kelly wannabe. It is definitely holding its own as a new classic Chanel piece.
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  3. Great to know! I have several.kellys and am hesitant to get the Coco handle because of it being similar to the kelly (for me anyways).

    Now a proud owner of a Coco kelly myself in gray. I was kinda forced to get it because a friend was selling hers (her dh got the exact same one for her, how sweet).

    It actually ticks a.lot of boxes for me: quite lightweight (I have the fabric lining); strap length us perfect both in shoulder and crossbody; roomy (I have the 29 cm width) and has a back pocket ( ).

    Question tho: for those of you who often use the bag, does it leave a crease mark (from the frequency opening & closing) near the handles? Thanks!!
  4. Rocking my Coco handle today (29 cm) and having difficulties regarding how to wear it. How do you guys prefer it yourselves and / or on me?

    I love the elegant look of carrying it on the crock of my arm but would like some variation (ans sometimes it is not so practical). It is a bit large and bulky when it comes to carrying it crossbody but I sometimes just do it anyway since it is so useful when needing both your arms for other stuff.

    Sometimes I throw it towards the back wearing it crossbody, I find that it works better than carrying it towards the front. Do you guys think it is completely awful and an absolute no go wearing this crossbody? Do you ever wear it slung on your shoulder?

    How do you prefer it? Does anybody wear it with a different strap from another brand? Maybe it is a good idea, now that you actually can remove the strap. Do you dress the handle up with a twilly? Would love mud shots on different ways of rocking the Coco handle. :smile:

    Apologize for the lighting and some pictures being from quite a distance :smile:

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  5. It looks really good on you in every photo, honestly! I like it on the crook of you arm and crossbody (in the front or back). Also, of course it looks perfect just on the shoulder. In my opinion, the small Coco Handle just looks good on you no matter what.

    I have a small and a mini. I recently got a Coach chain as wanted something inexpensive but decent quality to experiment and it totally exceeded my expectations. The gold one matches pretty well on my mini and makes it the perfect crossbody length. I wore it shopping this weekend which I never would've been able to do with the original strap.

    I am unsure of how this particular strap will look on the small since I think it looks so good on the mini. I am pretty short the original strap does work on me crossbody but I could benefit from a longer strap to make it more comfortable to wear crossbody with coats. I will report back because I am going to try it today. If it doesn't work, I am going to try to find a chain with larger links.

    I also saw someone on YouTube who used her small with a thicker guitar style strap from Fendi and it looked really nice. I wanted to try that too but I can't currently put my hands on my guitar strap. If I can find it, I will try that too and let you know.

    This is the chain, by the way. It is $35 (USD) but on sale for about $24-$25.

    And I MUST know where you got that sweater please!

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  6. Thank you SO much for your comment and also the great input regarding another strap (great with the pictures). Please report back how it worked out with the strap on the small size instead of the mini. Super excited to hear more. I would also like to see more of the more guitar sort of strap on a coco handle. I hope it is possible to do some research and / or find some photos or videos of that. It would be just great if it was possible to change the strap without ruining the look of the bag but maybe more "pepping it up" and just making the bag even more versatile - being able to wear it more easily crossbody! :smile:

    The sweater is extremely cosy and nice during wintertime :smile: It is from Zadig & Voltaire (last season).
  7. Love, love, love. I hope your are enjoying your bag. )
  8. you loo
    you look amazing - any way you wear your bag!

    basically i just wear it handheld because if the bag stays too long on my shoulder it aches. same also as crossbody.

    the more i use mine the more i love it!
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  9. Thank you so much for your nice comment! That is really nice to hear since I have been really unsure of how to carry my Coco and how to ensure it looks as good as possible :smile: Feeling a bit awkward with it as soon as I do not carry it by the handle for some reason. Nice to hear others opinions ans sometimes it is just easier to see things on other people compared to when you try things out yourself :smile:
  10. love your bag and you look amazing in every picture. all ways work for you. i have the mini so i only carry it by the handle, over my shoulder and cross body with the bag in front of me. :smile:

    Kate's spade's "make it mine" chain strap is similar to the Coach (i think they are owned by the same company now) and will go nicely with the coco bag.

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  11. Got this in the mail today.. 68E96118-C08F-4836-AAC7-058B4D6606D1.jpeg
  12. I like carrying it on crook of the arm, but nice also have shoulder strap in case going shopping, needs hand free to carry other bags.
  13. Hello, Bought this preloved and received today. The edge of the bag's flap edge does not look straight. The lock on the underside of the flap also looks wonky.

    Any thoughts? Should I return?

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  14. Sorry to hear. The first small in beige that i got had worse alignment issues. My SA said it should resolve overtime with a bit of massaging but didn't feel right especially because it was bought brand new. So I returned and she sourced a new one for me. I'm not yet that familiar with the coco to say that it will resolve. Best to wait for others' input. I knew it would bother me so I didn't settle for anything less than what was acceptable to me.

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  15. Ahh okay, it's really not ideal for the price we pay. I will contact the seller to see if I can get it returned.
    Has this happened to any of your other Chanel bags?