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  1. OK, thank you for the input :smile:
  3. Woww, your bag is beautiful! Congrats!!!!! I called several boutiques to get a hand on this one too and it was sold out everywhere (in my State), they put me on the waitlist, hoping to receive a call from them soon. I've been wanting the combo of black chevron and SHW for a long time :P
  4. Lol, wonder if we're in the same State, I've been calling several boutiques for the mini coco too. They all said it sold out so I put my name on their wait list. And I really love the new 19k collection, chevron black with shiny silver hardware. Urggg!!! I wish Chanel has the option to place order over the phone :biggrin:
  5. Chanel boutique at the Millennia mall in Orlando, FL had some chevron black with SHW when I was there a few weeks ago. Not sure if they're still avail now, but they had quite a few black mini's on display when I was there... &this boutique will do a phone order, but only if you're already in the system as a past client that has made an in-store purchase previously at any Chanel boutique (at least that's what they always say. I've never personally done a phone order, but they always offer it to me...) try giving them a call! :smile:
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  6. OMG, thank you so much for the info. I'll definitely give them a call early tomorrow as I've been wanting a true black chevron with a shiny bright silver hardware combo. :nuts:
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  7. Thanks a lot! :smile: So far I really enjoy my Coco handle and I find it really versatile - able to both dress down and the contrary with it. It also holds quite a few things if necessary cause there is lots of space (I find). I also love the combo of black and silver. To me it's kind of classy, elegant and discrete with this combo. Hope you can lay your hands on one soon! :smile:
  8. Found the perfect twilly/bandeau/mitzah for my coco handle! I am in love! Also, my first time doing the bow... So it's not perfect.
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  9. Sooo Beautiful! -:smile:
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  10. Thank you!!!
  11. Yes it is perfect. I would slightly prefer the monotone color though for a uniform look. It is more elegant. But did not want to wait so bit the bullet. I do hope you find one :smile:
  12. Adjustments.JPG
    I got this bag two years ago in SAnFo and glad I pulled the trigger.
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  13. Has anyone used a different strap on their Coco Handle?
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  14. Love to know too!
  15. Can someone please tell me how much the small size currently retails for in the US? I can't find the prices anywhere. Was the price increased in Nov?