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  1. Awww... thank you. I was trying to delete it! Lol
  2. Oh noooo don't delete it @RasberryLV it's an eye candy (at least for me) I love your photos showing the CH n your lil goodies esp the Hello Kitty!!!
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  3. Haha thank you again! I found no way to delete pic as it was posted on wrong side! Lol sorry for that weird side pic.
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  4. Here are some photos of my coco handles, the small in navy caviar (28cm, from Feb 2016) and the mini in pink caviar with lizard handle (24cm, from Aug 2016) so they are not from the same season :smile: The small has lining while as the mini has the leather interior. Hope it helps!





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  5. Gorgeous pictures dear! Can you post interior of the pink Coco as you said it's caviar interior...curious! Just do when you free!
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  6. Sure my dear! I will do that when I get home later today ;) I think both are equally practical but of course the leather interior makes me feel more worth the money lol!
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  7. #22 Sep 13, 2016
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    They're both gorgeous! Love love the pink one. Unfortunately I'm not lucky or fast enough to get my hands on the pink
  8. Lol! Will post soon. I'm loving the mini, it's a great bag and so cute.

    The only thing to note though is the handle. If you have the bag flat on your lap and need to bend over to reach for something on the floor (eg in the car), you might get jabbed in the ribs by the handle
  9. Hope the pink will come back! I haven't seen it around much and hope they will produce it again!
  10. Ha ha yes and also when you open the bag while you wear it. The handle gets slightly in the way but it does not bother me (fortunately!)
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  11. Lovely pics!!!! You should do a review too!!!!

    Btw, this pink colour and combo is really a GEM! A lot of boutiques including my local boutique do not carry this colour! Enjoy ur purchase :smile:
  12. Thank you my dear! I will try to do a what fits in the bag as soon as I find the time! I feel very lucky to score this pink baby and will definitely take good care (and use) of her :biggrin:
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  13. I absolutely love my medium coco handle. Just got her a month ago and use her everyday. I love the squishy quilting and that the leather isn't dull. It's a great bag
  14. Just to share a small folded umbrella can squeeze inside small coco. 1473810279316.jpg
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