**Coco Handle** Club

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  1. After seeing @fawnhagh and @Angeline L beautiful coco handles, I was thinking we definitely need to have a dedicated thread for this beautiful style where we can share photos and insight, discuss as well as enable :biggrin:
    @calflu what do you say of including this on the Clubhouse section? : )
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  3. Was wondering is the interior of coco handle lined with leather?
  4. Yes it's full leather interior
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  5. The leather handle coco handle from this season has fabric lining. The lizard handle version is the one with leather lining if I'm not wrong. :smile:
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  6. Oh, that's good to know the difference
  7. Yes my full leather coco handle has lining interior (from last season) and my lizard handle coco (from Act I) has leather interior :smile: But I also heard that this season all coco handle has leather interior?

    The leather interior makes the bag a bit easier to close when empty.
  8. I think there are many Coco Handle fans out there and many more to come if it has its own thread :biggrin:
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  10. I would love to see the Coco handle with it's own clubhouse thread! I just joined the club, and am thrilled with this bag. Been using it every day, and it holds a ton. Also love the versatility of it with the removable chain on the new ones. Can be used on the crook of your arm, shoulder or cross body. Love that it has feet on the bottom too! It has a fabric lining. I got the medium size with the leather handle.
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  11. Oppss...
    Photo does not look right!

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  12. Me too!!
    Share us some pics of your beautiful bag! Love to see more pics!
  13. Even it's sideway, your CH still looks so pretty!!! *swoon
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  14. Yes! Let's see what the mods think! I wasn't aware of this thread so thank you for supplying it. It will be so resourceful to everyone who's seeking info of the CH!
  15. Come on @fawnhagh and @Angeline L show (and enable) us your pretty CH!! :nuts: