Coco Handle (black or blue)

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Quilted black or chevron blue

  1. Quilted black

  2. Chevron blue

  1. Hello ladies,
    Can you please help me out, I can't decide which one to get. Inputs/suggestions will be greatly appreciated :smile:

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  2. Omg so stunning. If you have enough outfits that match the blue and enough black bags then I think you should get the blue chevron.
  3. Black for sure for me! :biggrin:
  4. Not a fan of that blue shade. I pick Black!
  5. Blue!!!!
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  6. That's a hard decision!
    I love that gorgeous blue colour but I'm not a fan of the Chevron on Coco Handle bags .. so I guess I'm no help :facepalm:
  7. Black
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  8. Thank you! I like the blue because i already have a classic flap in black...but Im not into the chevron as much, I'm more of a quilted person :smile:
  9. Hahaha can't go wrong with black! That is why my first chanel was a black classic flap!
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  10. Really? I thought it's pretty and bright shade of blue...although my first choice was navy :smile:
  11. tooo! I absolutely love the blue but not the chevron :sad: I might add my own stitching to make it into quilted hahaha
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  12. Lol I love blues but somehow not that shade. Pick the navy instead! The navy blue is stunning.
  13. I see both pieces just as gorgeous.
    If you don't already own blue, pick blue. I think it's a stunning shade.
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