Coco envelope bag


Apr 19, 2015
I love the Envelope bag. It has a cute removable pouch that comes with the bag, if I remember correctly. That bag was released over a year ago so it might be unlikely that you would find it new in a store. Your best bet would be on the resale market, seems like I have seen a few listed here and there.


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Jun 28, 2015
I love this bag. It was also made in a gorgeous burgundy that I had chance to see. it was a great sturdy material, so versatile and as katiebal mentioned comes with a wallet too. It's a nice and practical bag as well because I recall the sizes are very nice sizes that make sense as well as the chain. The price point if I recall correctly is in the 3k range which is awesome for a chanel seasonal that has a great classic timeless look to it. I am not sure that you can find it new at stores but never hurt to try the 1800 customer service to see if there may be one around.