Coco Croco?

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  1. My SA called to ask if I was interested in Coco Croco bag--has anyone seen this yet? From her description it's a washed jersey fabric made to resemble crocodile and comes in several colors. She knows I collect East Wests and thought this would be a nice addition, so I'm guessing it's shaped like a classic flap. Any ideas? TIA!
  2. This is the 2.55 reissue seen on fall runway. The most seen colour is the turqouise one and is stitched to resemble croc leather...its cute!
  3. It comes in purple, yellow, orange, turquoise (as has been mentioned already) and probably a few other colors I'm forgetting. From the pics I've seen it looks really fun and bright; however, the price is a shocker. It's somewhere around $2,800 and for a non-leather bag that price point seems outta line. Remember, cloth bags cannot be refurbished.
  4. My goodness! Seeing the lack of colored classic flaps, I was considering this line--now that I know the price, I don't think I would ever spend that much on fabric. Thank you for letting me know!
  5. have you tried a search?
    I know it's been talked about a few times, there may be photos as well.