Coco chanel

  1. Anyone know any good books about Coco, or even just the industry?
  2. Chanel and Her world. I got it at Amazon.
  3. I have "Chanel A Woman of Her Own" by Axel Madsen -
    I also have "Chanel and her World" by Edmonde Charles-Roux - which I bought at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when her exhibit was on. The older one is a biography - the newer one is also but on a much grander scale with tons of facinating old photos!
  4. Chanel Women of her own- Excellent read a must have. Thanks for the tip on the other Chanel book. I will look into that one.
  5. thanks, I've been looking everywhere for one but i just never had any luck.:sad:
  6. I just did now, thanks!