coco cabas

  1. please help. how much is a coco cabas now. i'm just a chanel starter, would you advise me to get 1? have a 2.55/ a jumbo classic black and a red caviar M/L. thanks a lot.:yes:
  2. when i bought the original coco cabas in caviar leather last year it was retails at 1895 without tax :smile:
    i dunno the price now though
  3. I *think* it was around $1995 for the baby the last I heard if I'm not mistaken. I thought someone said that in a post from yesterday. I personally wouldn't recommend the Cabas simply b/c I don't care for it and don't own it. I think you should buy it if you love it though. Plenty of people love the bag.
  4. it's 1995 plus tax. sold out though.