Coco Cabas XL help needed

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  1. Help! I’m new to Chanel and am in LOVE with the Coco Cabas XL. I live in the DC area but have not seen it IRL in any of the stores here. Please help me with the following:

    Buy new or used?
    Retail price? Second hand price?
    Where to find? Retail stores or consignment stores?
    Is it in or out? Big bags out?

    Thanks in advance ladies :tup:
  2. It is sold out but I see them come on eBay, BEWARE of fakes! Have it authenticated on this forum.
  3. ^ ITA, lots of cabas fakes around, but I do see it being sold on ebay so if you get it authenticated you will get yourself a good bag. The original cabas with the large stitched CC is harder to come by than the baby cabas (which is also pretty big). I still love my baby cabas and get lots of compliments on my bag whenever I wear it, mostly from Chanel SA's!!
  4. Hi! I'm assuming you mean the original cabas w/ the large logo on the side and not the Baby Cabas (with NO stitched logo and quilting on the bottom) In regards to your questions:

    Buy new or used? --> You can only buy it used now, the only new ones *might* be on ebay (sometimes you can find a BNWT auction) -but please be careful of fakes

    Retail price? Second hand price? --> The retail was under 2k, I want to say around $1700, the second hand price will probably be higher than retail (especially since Chanel bag prices have increased since, and it's a harder to find bag) Even the baby cabas-es are higher than retail in most cases on ebay, and I see more baby's on ebay vs. the original

    Where to find? Retail stores or consignment stores? --> The only brick and mortar store you'll be able to find it from now are consignment/second hand stores -just make sure they are reputable or, of course, ebay.

    Is it in or out? Big bags out? --> The style is gorgeous, and the overall look of the bag is not super trendy. It's a gorgeous oversized bag, which would be good for casual everyday use. IMO, nothing these days is really "in or out" -as long as you love it and can pull it off, it doesn't really matter (and it doesn't hurt that it's Chanel!)

    Hope that helps! IF you can find one on ebay, like others have mentioned, please be careful, as there are many fakes of this style. Get it authenticated in the authenticate this Chanel thread, and the lovely ladies here can help you check it out. Good luck!
  5. Thank you all so much for your help :flowers: tPFers are the best :woohoo:

    Looks like eBay maybe my best bet... ugh, I hate eBay :tdown: