Coco Cabas White

  1. So, ladies, I got the new Coco Cabas bag today in white. Well, I thought it was a cream color, but now I'm looking at it and I see that it's more white. :tdown: I really wanted the bronze color, but they were all gone!!! Buuuuuhhhhh!!!!
    I don't want white leather! White it OUT like the fat kid in dodgeball.
    ....Or is it?....
    Does anyone else own this bag? If I can get away with it looking cream, I'll keep it, but I tried it with all of my clothes in the camel color family and it does not match! What to do, what to do?????
  2. if u dont like it i definately would take it back:yes:
  3. sounds to me like u don't like it much and ur just trying to convince urself to keep it...bring it back! since the bag is already so big...white makes it look even bigger, keep trying to locate the khaki, go to Saks and make the SA find one for u =]
  4. I think you should hold out for the bag you really want
  5. I think u should return it if it's not exactly what u wanted. Do u have any modeling pics? Maybe we can help make up ur mind =)
  6. You should keep it only if you are absolutely in love with it :yes:
  7. Well, the thing is.... it was a gift :greengrin::greengrin::greengrin:
    I can't return it because it will go back on the credit card!
    I called Chanel 800 today and the bronze is absolutely sold out. So I can keep it or sell it on craigslist. :X
  8. Can you exchange it for something you like though?
  9. Hmmm, wow, that's a dilemma. Since the khaki cabas is no longer available and it seems to me that you're not really digging that white one, I think you should maybe find a different style bag that you really love and try to exchange for it. Don't keep the white cabas if you're not going to use it happily. It's not fair for the bag and for you as well. About selling it on craiglist, I've never done it before so I can't give you any advice. I hope this helps. Good luck on your decision!!
  10. honestly I love the white cabas. I don't have one...yet but I'll get it. Actually I really want the something in the middle of the cabas like the other one. Do you think I can get it custom made?
  11. Why don't you try to tie a colorful scarf like Pucci to it and add some oomph?
    If the bag still has the tags attached to it...can't the store give you a credit?
  12. sorry you're not loving the white cabas. I have the original cabas in white and it's one bag I honestly can say I will never sell.

    To me, it's the perfect color white. It was described to me as looking like a white tee shirt after it's been washed a few times...I think that's a perfect description of the color.

    Heres mine :love:

  13. i think there might be a few black baby cabas lurking around NM.. you could try giving them a call.
  14. Yup! Call Natasha at NM Charlotte 704-442-7900 and tell her Melissa sent you. She had one yesterday pretty as a picture:tup:
  15. I love my baby cabas in white and white is my most preferable in this style.