CoCo Cabas White Leather Tote at

  1. Chanel on 57th street available to anyone who calls. Dark grey also available. The brown is also in, but on wait list.:yes:
  2. Yeah.... ask for Brendan... he's got a few modern chains as well!!
  3. Hey Jenna, where you been?:P
  4. I am dying to see someone wearing their modern chain bag.
  5. coco cabas or muse confusseddd
  6. Do you know the price of the big MC?
  7. Smooth, did you see it IRL? If so, what does the white Cabas look like?
  8. I saw it at 57th st yesterday.... it was BEAUTIFUL a true white.... absolutely TDF!!
  9. The MC style A33378 is $2225 - it's the tote.
  10. Wow! I feel like I;ve found my tribe! this is the first time I've ever joined a site... I just got the modern chain large tote - a33378. In black. Thought I'd love it but I have to say, it's really heavy (lots-o-chain). Also, I wish it had more inner pockets and a zip close top. I'm hoping it will fit easily over the shoulder when I wear a coat - will let yah know!