coco cabas VS soft and chain VS modern chain

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  1. each and everyone of them are my fave, and all of then have metal chains.

    i have the coco cabas and am purchasing a second one, but fell in love with the soft & chain, and the modern chain :wtf:

    for people have one of them or all of them, which is the most comfortable tro carry with stuffs inside? are the chain shoulders a major spoiler?

    i love big bags, and when i use big bags is because i need it, not just for the shape and filled it only with wallet and lip gloss.
    i put lots of stuffs actually, i put my work files and junk of stuffs inside it.

    the first time i had my coco cabas vinyl in large size, i was thrilled, but when i transfered my stuffs from my balenciaga weekender and carried it.
    it made me realize that the coco cabas is a big bag that's big because it loks grear on the size, and not for the function.

    unlike the balenciaga weekenders which is comfortable to carry light things and heavy things too.
  2. no one can help me with opinions ? :crybaby:
  3. Can you post pics of all bags side by side?
  4. ok :p

    coco cabas :

    modern chain :

    soft and chain :
  5. hi! i think the modern chain would be best mix out of your choices for size and function. the soft and chain and the coco cabas are more hobo style than tote. i think a tote would work best for the function aspect of your bag search. although, aesthetically, i really couldn't choose, love them all, but that's not what you asked, is it? ha!:p
    i was interested in the modern chain and those that i asked said the chains are comfortable and not too heavy.
    hths and g/l!
  6. i think the soft and chain is too delicate for your needs above. The MC is great durable leather, carries alot and looks tres cool! But perhaps I am alittle biased!;)
  7. I agree with Mick and rockerchic! :yes: The shape and durability of the modern chain seem to meet your needs AND look hot! :nuts:

    Good luck with your decision - you've been debating between a lot of great Chanel bags lately! ;)
  8. I agree. The S&C and Cabas are much less structured than the MC. Not that the MC is a really structured bag. But it works for me and I've seen the S&C and Cabas. They are way more squishy and collapsable. I like the size of the MC. It can fit a ton. Drawback is that is can be heavy when fully loaded!

  9. OMG! i know :shame:
    i've been sneaking a lot from balenciaga subs to here lately
    i've never been crazy about chanels until now when they produced more relaxed and boho style...
    i'm in such a big trouble :sweatdrop:

    i'm in love with them all :drool:
    and to make things worse.... i found another modern chain that i like on eBay :wtf: it looks like a marriage between the modern chain and the coco cabas :
  10. i agree with everyone who's posted. it does seem like the modern chain would be perfect for the kind of use you're looking for, as compared to the soft and chain which seems like it might be too small and squishy?

    that plus i love how the modern chain looks. :p
  11. any of you know how many size is this modern chain available.
    it seems big, but i don't think it's big enough for me :p
  12. I have the MC east/west (like the black one) -- it is plenty big for what you say you need. It is a great bag. I toss it around, stuff it with everything etc. Much better than the cabas, IMO. And better than the north/south MC (like the red one you posted), which won't hold as much, like files etc. It is definitely going to be heavier than a B bag though.
  13. oh, forgot to add, i just got a baby cabas in black :yahoo:
    it's not here yet though, so i don't know if the size will work for me or not.
  14. ^^ you're funny, all over the place...i'm the same way....

    i think the N/S MC is better for your needs than the E/W above from eBay.
    i am not sure if they come in different sizes, sorry.
    hope you love the baby cabas, i love mine, but i don't think it's structured enough to use it for what you want...
  15. mick, thank you for your suggestions, and thank u gals :love:

    i guess i have to wait and see after my baby cabas arrived to decide if i need more bags or not :roflmfao:
    i am in such a BIG trouble aaarrrggggghhhhh