Coco Cabas vs. Reissue flap - help me decide pls!


I want B Bags!
Sep 14, 2005
I've too been eyeing the cabas. Where can you find them now?

I've got the reissue. Think you need both eventually.


Obsessive Collector
May 16, 2006
They are both completely different bags so you will need to assess what is your priority when using the bags and how often they will be used.

I have all bags that you mentioned in different colours, but as someone said, the reissues are part of the classic collection so it's easier to get later down the track (unless you want a seasonal colour)

To be honest, i love using my Cabas', but i reach for the Black Leather more than the White leather, as it's easier to keep clean. I have the original White Cabas too, so that is really big, but i love that colour more than the black.

But that's coz i'm a big bag gal!

When i do reach for the flaps, I rarely touch the reissues as i prefer the Classic Jumbos more due to the strap and leather as my Jumbos are all caviar and less fragile than the lambskin reissues

LV rocks*

Sep 12, 2007
Go for the Cabas! Lovely bag! I have the black vinyl cabas and it is one HOT bag! I love it. It is a classic with an edge. Plus, the cabas is more practical as an everyday bag bc it can fit a ton more stuff than the flap...and you already have a flap so I would say cabas! It's a great bag and very comfy to carry!