Coco Cabas vs. Reissue flap - help me decide pls!

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  1. ok, so I've been wanting a Coco baby cabas for a looooong time, I am also craving for a re-issue flap at the same time... so here are my questions:

    1) should I buy a cabas or re-issued flap? fyi, I already own a white jumbo classic flap

    2) if I do decide to go for a cabas, should I go for white or black? considering I can find a white one almost $300 less than a black?

    any comments would be appreciated!
  2. I personally think you should get the cabas because the reissue is just going to look exactly like your jumbo. In terms of color, since you already have the white jumbo, I think you should get a black cabas this time, eventhough it's going to cost $300 more. Hope this helps!!!
  3. my gut instinct says the reissue, but if you feel that it would be too similar to your jumbo flap and you want some diversity in your collection then go for the black cabas. i still think you should get the reissue though. i want that style in every color of the rainbow. i love it that much.
  4. Thanks orchidlady & tadpolnyc for your comments! ;)
  5. I've never been a fan of the Cabas - I say go for the reissue
  6. I have the cabas, but I think I prefer the reissue. I find the cabas too slouchy and sometime I have a heck of a time finding my stuff in my cabas bag. I think the reissue would be a bag that would never go out of style and one that you would never get tired of.
  7. I would vote for the reissue as it is timeless and classic but if your heart is set on a cabas I would get a black one.
  8. Reissue-- classic and timeless.
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    I was in the same situation as you few days ago. I decided to get the cabas, which i did yesterday! The one i got is black vinyl XL. hope this helps.
  10. definitely the reissue....I feel that cabas looks a little dated and the reissue will always be a classic. Also cabas can only be worn as a casual bag while the reissue can be worn casual and night. Thats just my opinion but you should get the one that you really crave.
  11. 2.55. Never like the Coco Cabas, the black vinyl one looks like a trash bag to me. Baby Cabas is ok but I don't like unstructured bag. Oh no!
  12. i'll go for reissue, its timeless... you can wear it day and night
  13. ditto. . .
  14. i love the cabas... i would say go for the black coco cabas.
  15. I have both and I think you should get the cabas since you already have a classic flap. I do have problems finding stuff at times but if you use a purse organizer, you'll be fine. Since the reissues are a classic now, you can always get one later. I wouldn't get a white cabas since its higher maintenance especially if you intend to use it as a throw around/everyday bag.