Coco cabas - trend or forever classic?

  1. I was curious what everyone thinks about this bag . . . what do you think three years from now? Will people still carry it or will most feel it is "out" and "done"?
  2. IMO Chanel will always be a classic :girlsigh::girlsigh: and i forsee myself carrying my cabas for a long time (unless of course some emergency crops up and forces me to sell) :p
  3. Classic!! Especially the baby cabas!
  4. I think its a trend. I dont know how long "it will be in" I think its sort of a "hype it up" bag. The more people talk about it the more people think they need it and then they end up on eBay :sad:

    I dont think its a classic bag, as far as chanel in general.
  5. i think the leather cabas can be a classic. but the vinyl cabas is just a trend.
  6. Not sure, but I love the style. Hopefully a classic, at least it will be for me.
  7. i think the LEATHER cabas will be classic, the baby cabas make a nice tote, and even the bigger "Trendier" sizes make good weekend bags.

    the vinyl ones definitely though wont be around for too long though, as much i love them!
  8. I agree.
  9. classic or not, i will still be wearing it
  10. Classic.
    It's "in" right now, but I don't think it'll be out anytime soon. Hobo shaped bags are always in.

  11. Very well said! I completely agree.
  12. yeah i agree it will always be in and a classic, because Chanel for the longest time made very small to medium purses and it was known for that, all of a sudden big bags were in and Chanel went big with it and it made a big change for ppl who wanted Chanel but the size issue was never big enough for the individual. so many high demands for it, it will sure be in for quite some time.
  13. I don't care it is a classic or not. I love the style of baby cabas more than a classic flap style. This is the second Chanel style of bag that I have paid those much $$$ for it. My first expensive Chanel is a Cambon large tote. I have consider it is my expensive bag as I rarely got all leather - made bag. Most of my Chanel(s) are around $900-$1400.

    I also think to buy a classic flap many many times and ended up never take it home. I always has a question to myself I really like a classic flap or not. Anyway, I bought my coco cabas in white with no wonder and I would buy another black too.
  14. well it is not in the timeless line.. so not sure how long chanel will produce them for.. maybe people will still wear it, but people will stop buying somehow if the production stops, wont they? then maybe it will be life vintage?
  15. I think it's trendy but i'll still like it many years later!