Coco Cabas... stupid question

Dec 5, 2006

I'm new here and have a pretty stupid question. For Christmas, I was wanting the Coco Cabas bag in Vinyl but I had no idea the wait lists were this insane and i am so upset. Ive checked my local Chanel and NM and of course there is no chance of me getting one there. Does anyone know of any place, i mean any place, that would have one, or at least have a wait list where i would have some remote chance of getting one? I got a balenciaga bag since i couldn't find it, but it just doesnt compare so i'm still holding out for the Coco cabas.

I don't care where it comes from or whatever, but I NEED THAT BAG. Any ideas or is it just completely imposible?


....ever ours
Feb 10, 2006
If I were you, I'd move on to something else...there are more beautiful and stunning handbags out there...

But to her that bag IS beautiful and that's the one SHE wants.

They do pop up on Ebay, if you can afford to go that route.

And as the previous poster said, call Chanel and see about getting on a list. Perserverance can pay off!
Dec 5, 2006
Hey, thanks yea i will call the 800 number and see if there is any chance i'll get one. I'm nervous to try ebay because last time I did that, my "garunteed authentic" dior bag was a horible fake, already falling apart. Thanks for the advice!