Coco Cabas Size Issue.

  1. I received the orignial coco cabas with the large c's on the front of the bag today. I did not realize it was so large. Does anyone use their for travel instead of just a purse?
  2. I think it would be heavy if you put too much in there. I love mine, but then again, I love big purses.

    Maybe you can return it for the baby cabas.

  3. I really love this bag ... but I'm also a little bit hesitant about the size...
    Does anyone have both styles and post pictures so I can see the difference. TIA:smile:
  4. Did you get the leather or the vinyl? The vinyl larger size was just way too bog! But, I have both the vinyl smaller size and the leather and love them both! If they're too big for everyday you could certainly use it for travel. The new cabas is also a nice size and is available in several colors.
  5. I thought I was getting the baby cabas. The item number on the bag is: A33450 Y04331. On the ticket it is called a large tote. It is way too big for a handbag for me and I like large purses but not quite this large. it gives me more of a tote bag feel than a purse. Back to the drawing board. I guess I will have to get the newer version.
  6. Style # for the baby cabas is A33986.
  7. The new size will definitely work for you! Start calling now because most stores have waiting lists! ;)
  8. Thanks. I am on several waiting lists. But if you come across one in black,khaki or white. Please let me know immediately. Thanks. I am sending this one back to chanel today.
  9. Call Chanel in Palm Beach Gardens as they just opened last week! They had black, white and dark blue available last Thursday! They might have a short waiting list. Their number is 561-622-2055.
  10. Sorry it didn't work out...on a selfish note, which color did you get and which chanel is it going back to? I "need" this bag :love:
  11. I had the Coco Cabas, too and I definitely felt that it was too large for me! I'm on a purse ban right now so I have to pray that there will be some baby ones left after December! I do hope you find one soon though. :smile:
  12. :Push:

    I got the bag in black.

    Sorry, Another pf member already purchased the bag from Chanel.
  13. Call Chanel in Palm Beach Gardens, as they did have some of these "old" ones as of acouple days ago. Someone posted they has 2 white left, and I'm not sure about black! Call them. Their number is listed in this thread!
  14. i just got my original cabas yesterday and i love the size! i agree, it's not for everyone. this is one massive bag with lots of attitude! you really have to be comfortable with large bags. i carry my balenciaga weekenders as every day bags, so the original cabas is not overwhelming to me. good luck on getting your baby cabas!