coco cabas question...

  1. how much is the retail price for the coco cabas? Can i still get one from chanel store or neiman or is it sold out??? TIA
  2. $1995. The black one is more availabe incomparison to the khaki color one (bronze)
  3. thanks.. and one more question does it only with with 1 size? or 2?
  4. There's the baby cabas and the regular sized cabas then there's the original cabas and the XL vinyl cabas. It's confusing lol.
  5. They are not sold out. It seems like everyone is getting shipments in. I've seen them at Saks and NM in Atlanta just got some in. Nordies at the Mall of America also has some. Chanelboy just posted about it.
  6. Just to clarify, the Baby Cabas is $1995. I think the Coco Cabas will be back this fall, but I'm not sure about the price.
  7. all the dept stores have been getting shipments in lately of the black baby cabas!
  8. thank you all..

    btw, how much was the price for the large denim coco cabas?

    thanks again..