coco cabas owners, whichever size, how much stuff do you actually carry when you use

  1. the cabas?
  2. right now, i'm carrying my baby cabas and inside it is :
    - 3 cell phones inside a balenciaga coin purse
    - mini mini coin purse balenciaga for real coins :p
    - powder and blush inside a balenciaga coin purse
    - lv medium agenda
    - lv billfold wallet
    - ipod
    - booklet for my work & some papers
    - my scarf knitting i've been trying to finish
    - 2 or 3 packs of cigarettes
  3. I have the baby cabas and it carries ALOT. Right now, I have two large cases for glasses and sunglasses, a med. size make-up bag, two checkbooks, a wallet, a pack of gum, a business card holder, a zipper topped thing-y for receipts, my cell phone, and a pretty good sized paper back book (and there's room for more)
  4. I carry a treo, makeup bag, zippy wallet, sunglasses in case, and put other miscellaneous stuff (purse hook, kleenex, hand sanitizer, tylenol) in the attached cosmetic bag and sometimes a book and a bottle of water. It still could hold way more!
  5. curious. Why do you need 3 cell phones?!