Coco Cabas large size Black or Dark Brown?

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  1. i LOVE my black, but i would get the dark brown if i had the chance :yes:
  2. u can't go wrong with either colour, but if u have black in your collection already, why not go with a dark brown? :smile:
  3. I love Chanel brown so that gets my vote!
  4. I prefer black unless you already have a black cabas or a lot of black bags!

    Can someone tell me, is this the original coco cabas with the CC on the front? TIA!!
  5. brown is cool, but harder to find, I go black, thinking back on it, probably a much more practical choice given my wardrobe
  6. My SA said the new coming in stocks are the original coco cabas with the CC on the front. I am so looking forward to receive the black original coco cabas :heart:! I thought it had discontinued, so glad my SA told me he will got new stocks coming in soon! :drool:
  7. ^thanks so much for letting me know! (faint of heart!) Gotta call my sa tomorrow! :P
  8. Just to let u know my SA is from Saks. :tup: