Coco Cabas large size Black or Dark Brown?

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  1. My SA just told me there will be Coco Cabas large size in black and dark brown coming in soon, price at $1995.

    Since I am still thinking to get a causal daily large size bag, should I get a Coco Cabas? Which color do u prefer? Black or Dark Brown?

    Thanks a lot! :smile::smile:
  2. I am partial to dark brown!
  3. roey,

    yeah, u got a dark brown MC tote... :tup:
  4. Actually, Chanel calls the color of my MC tote dark grey but it looks nothing like grey IRL!

    I also just bought the black patent luxury tote - same as yours but in the large size. It's so pretty! I actually returned my khaki Cabas to help fund it.

    Anyway, dark brown would be different for you, since you already have black.
  5. I think the black is good.
  6. roey,

    Oh, u returned the baby cabas khaki? I am waiting for this one badly!!! but i guess there will be no more left! I am under waiting list for the Pre-Fall baby cabas khaki.
  7. Brown sounds more fitting for a Cabas as its a slouchy casual style. I might get that and also ............I wish they would do the Vinyl in a much smaller size too.
  8. I have reserved the large size Coco Cabas black from my SA. I am also waiting for the baby cabas khaki. Which one should i get if both are available?
  9. I prefer non-black for large bag.
  10. does anyone know exactly what coco cabas colors chanel is doing for fall. can u still get the large chocolate brown coco cabas like sienne miller has, and if so, where? also, have u heard about the new vinyl bags with a flap. anyone have pics? thanks!
  11. I don't know if the Coco Cabas large size are from FALL shipment or not, but my SA told me there will be black and dark brown coming in soon. U can check from SAKS. :tup:
  12. I don't think there is a dark brown Cabas; she may mean khaki which is a bronze color some people might mistake for brown.
  13. The original dark brown is really gorgeous! It is the color that goes with brown and black.
  14. I am partial to BLACK!!!:graucho:
  15. I say black only because I wear alot more black than brown. It's really up to you either way... enjoy!!