coco cabas? jeans or not??

  1. hello ladies, what's up?? Have an important question: does chanel have made a coco cabas bag in jeans? i know that exist the black one (amazing! :nuts:)but... A friend of mine told me that exists also the jeans one 'coz she saw it on a seller-web... I'm not so sure.
    Can you please help me?? thx a lot ladies, kisses :heart:
  2. I saw a few when I was in Hong Kong too; but none in Singapore. Sorry, not much of a help here:nogood:
  3. hmmm there's a cabas in denim for sale on eBay right now! you can get us to authenticate it if you'd like or you could always call Chanel in the US to check if they still have it in their inventory.

  4. Yes, they do come in denim! Go and check, I think there should be some in stores as well. Good luck!
  5. Hi, HK has demin cabas available! ;)
  6. Yes, there are denim cabas bags in a very large size and a "baby" size. They are around. I have one on its way to me that I ordered from Saks! I'll post pics when it gets here.
  7. I didn't know that they'd still be around!
    whats the retail for the baby size? thanks
  8. its a great bag, but, the term "baby" is relative. Its the size of a baby whale...............but very light! (and gorgeous)

    good luck!!
  9. oh, thank you so much ladies!! just to decide if it's better the black one or... the denim one :nuts:
  10. jfhave, which Saks did you order the denim cabas from? And in which size?
  11. I ordered the smaller size and I think he told me it was $1300ish...I ordered it from Damian at Saks (I can get you his # if you want), but he had to track it down it wasn't in his store. Although I think he said he had a large on in stock. The large is way too big for me though...
  12. okay, maybe not...just talked to Damian and he said that although the system showed 5 of the small denim bags are out there he has been unable to locate one...I'm so sad!!:tdown:
  13. Denim one is 1295 plus tax. I don't know which one is this one. That's how much I bought mine and it's bigger than the leather baby cabas. I have never seen the other larger size, so I don't know whether mine is considered the large one or the small one....
  14. hi!
    a friend from hongkong is selling me a coco cabas jeans, i am afraid that it
    might me a knock off, how will i know if it's the real thing?
  15. Have your friend take lots of pictures. Especially of the authenticity hologram sticker, and the hardware with lettering on it. Then post the pictures in the Authenticate This thread, and ask if it's real. There are some really lovely members that know their Chanel. I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you if your friend's bag is real or not. :tup: