Coco Cabas is a seasonal thing?

  1. when I finally deciding to buy a baby cabas (the beautiful black leather one) as my very first Chanel, the SA from Chanel told me that all the stores (in where i live) is out of stock, and since it's a seasonal thing and limited edition, it won't be released again....IS IT TRUE?? I am so sad now...... I really like it after seeing all the beautiful pics here....:crybaby:
  2. Really?? I heard the baby cabas is coming back, but with a new price tag $1995...
  3. Hi bb10lue, but I later read from some of the threads here that said the cabas is coming back in fall again...I am confused...where did you get yours? do you have a good SA to recommend? I am in HK...thanks in advance.
  4. I believe some stores are getting some for fall shipment. The price is increasing to $1995, but I'm almost positive I've read where some stores ordered the black and khaki/bronze.
  5. thanks...I'll continue my search for one.

    bb10lue, does yours measure to 15.5 inches for width? I saw one in eBay with this measurement.
  6. ^^Yes, its about the same.
  7. I hope it's not -- I definitely want to get one some time or another. It's been selling well too, so it'd be silly for them to not continue manufacturing the cabas.
  8. I decided that I want one, too. So I asked the SA when my mom bought a bag and she said that they are expecting a shipment of black ones in August.
  9. There will be new release for baby cabas khaki. My SA told me.
  10. I think there is one available at NM boston (at least it was available about 4 days ago) Hurry!

  11. IceEarl I'm wondering how much the coco Cabas is in HK?
  12. hmm.. I was on 2 waiting list for a baby bronze cabas 2 weeks ago. When I called the Chanel boutique and NM again, they said that it was no longer being made; therefore, I was dropped from the list. According to the SA, the new Cabas is a bit bigger. :confused1: I want the bronze baby cabas soo bad!
  13. Hello all, I FINALLY bought the black baby cabas!!! I got it from eBay, a power seller, I got it authenticated in the forum before I confirmed the deal. I know the seller still has at least one .... before that 2 SAs are kind enough to put me on wait list, earliest arrival is mid July, so yes, they are releasing it again, but I am not sure about the size being different tho.... I just couldn't wait for the new drop..:p
  14. No idea about the price in HK, the SA here just told me it's limited edition and totally sold out in HK.... some of the SAs just don't know their stuff:tdown: