Coco Cabas in Vinyl available!

  1. There's one available for $995 in case anyone is interested. Please call Christine at NM SFO (415) 362-3900 and ask for the handbags departmet. She has it on hold so call her asap.:smile:
  2. it's gone gone gone T_T

    when the hell can i get one? T_T
  3. Try Saks NY store, I think they have one!!
  4. I am so excited, I got a call from my NM SAand she is sending it out as we speak!
  5. Congrats....I'm still hunting one down!
  6. Me, too - on a waiting list! The white is impossible to find!
  7. femme.fatale`: Wow - hard to find and expensive! thanks!

  8. thank you so much!

    i just called, they have 8 coming! but there are like one hundred people on the waiting list.....
  9. That's insane!

  10. :shocked::wtf:
  11. i missed christine's call this afternoon

    she had two, but they were all gone...

    i wanna could i miss her call?????
  12. omg, did you hear ? the price increase is like 30%!!!!!!
  13. only price for the classic bags will arise for like $400.00, others will stay the same

    thank god i've already got 2 classic ^_^
  14. so the price increase is not across the board? good.