Coco cabas in toronto!

  1. Guys!! If you've missed out on the baby cabas like me, you're in luck! they're getting a shipment in july (fall/winter '07 collection) of black and bronze. I just put my name on the waitlist!!

    Hurry!! Holts is only getting 10. I'm 7th on the write your name down! At the chanel boutique, I'm about 20th...
  2. u know how much is tht?
  3. yay... congrats girl :dothewave:
  4. The baby cabas is $1795
  5. Oh my... my bank account does not like this information!!!

    Thanks for posting!!! Should I call?? oh nooo.... :sweatdrop:
  6. do we have to put a deposit at all?
  7. You just write your name down. No deposit.

    They dont know exactly when they're getting them. But they say possibly july but may be delayed to as late as sept. When they give you a call, you have 48 hrs to show up for the purchase, otherwise it goes to the next person on the list.

    Got to make sure you don't miss a call!!
  8. If I put my name on the waiting list, will they mail my bag to the states?