Coco Cabas in Gold and Navy Patent Leather Jumbo Flap

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  1. There's a Coco Cabas in gold and a navy patent leather jumbo flap at Neiman in SF avaliable. :idea: Sorry I didn't get a chance to take any pictures though.
  2. gold? you mean bronze?

    also, how much is the navy patent jumbo

  3. It's gold from the cruise line. It's a sportier version of the original cabas.

    The navy patent jumbo is $1795 or so. I don't remember the exact amount.
  4. [​IMG]





  5. XOCHRIISSIE- hoe many gold and silver are available in SF? How much is it?
  6. The silvers are all gone. This is the only gold left. It retails $1275.
  7. that blue patent is sooo hot!!
  8. What is the cabas made out of, leather? I love that jumbo.
  9. Is that leather on the cabas? Why does this look so different from the one that is on eBay by personalshoppers?
  10. I am so in love with that navy patent.
  11. that navy is such a gorgeous color!
  12. Its not leather, its a crinkly type of material - hard to explain. PS has the baby cabas that also came in dark silver. NM's is supposedly getting that color but they have not shipped yet.
  13. <THUD
    just fainted

    <mumbling in her semi-coma, "gold and silver Cabases? prices under $1700?

    someone help....