1. If anyone is interested in getting the Coco Cabas in denim (spring 07), ....our store is scheduled to receive 10 and only 2 are spoken for.

    Please just post the store. . . you cannot tell people to contact you, that's considered advertising!
  2. Sounds lovely.
    Please can you tell me more about it, size etc.
    Grateful too if you have a picture.
    Thank you :idea:
  3. I am very interested in the denim, I just called the 800 number yesterday and they told me to call the Las Vegas store at the Bellagio. I see from a previous post that you are in Minnesota, correct? Should I call you?
  4. do you have a picture?
  5. I would love to see a photo too!
  6. I do not have a photo as of yet, but will try to track one down...the only photo I have is from the CHANEL catalog and it is small and in black/white. I'll keep you guys updated.
  7. We only have 5 left that aren't spoken for. This bag is really going to be popular.
  8. Did you ever find a picture? Could you post the black/white pic so that I can have a general idea. Thanks.
  9. Ok I finally came across a picture of the denim cabas....its not the best so I apologize.
  10. That bag is going to be so popular!
  11. Does anyone know if NM going to carry this?
  12. I know.. Saks will be carrying.
  13. thanks for the info!
  14. Nordstrom Mall of America still has a few left for preorder