Coco Cabas in Denim

  1. I just bought the Coco Cabas today in the dark denim.....Yes its hot!!!!!! I have the Xtra large one from last year in leather...but this looks fresher to me ...and NO this denim one doesnt look like a "garbage bag"!!!!!
    Call my SA Joseph @917-776-9353. He may have a few left
  2. congratz on your new denim purchase!! :party:
  3. Pics please!!
  4. congratz!!!
  5. ooohhh congrats :yahoo:

    can u modeled it? :p
    and sompared the size with the XL caviar :yes:
    i would love to see the size deifference
  6. Oooo me too! I'm loving the demin cabas!
  7. needthatbag, and pic u would like to show us yet :p
  8. Congrats on your new bag. Send pictures.
  9. Congrats on your purchase!