COCO CABAS in black lambskin leather

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  1. Hi,

    I am living in Europe and I wonder how much this bag costs! No one here can tell me because these bags will arrive soonest in autumn this year in Europe. As they might be available already in the US can you please tell me the price in USD for them? I am talking about the one of real black leather and not the vinyl bag. I dont know about sizes available..I would like to know the price of the regular size (be it big or small) that everyone has.

    THANK you SO much for your help!!!!

    Giulia :heart:
  2. The Cabas leather is calfskin, not lambskin. There are two sizes: the "baby" Cabas (which is plenty big) is $1995 USD and the larger size is $2195 USD.
  3. roey,

    My SA told me the baby cabas is $1795 and the large size coco cabas is $1995. I just checked the price today. May be your price is the items from Pre-Fall?
  4. The price of the baby cabas was $1795 last season and the price increased to $1995 for the fall season. The new larger size (that wasn't available last season) is $2195.
  5. roey,

    As My SA told me there will be Coco Cabas large size coming in at $1995. May be he had given me wrong information. :P Or if I buy from him will be a very good bargain at $1995.
  6. Hi!!
    Thank you, you helped me A LOT...
    The other day I heard something strange...the small Coco Cabas (Baby) in leather is said to be with a cross stitched quilted patern button, is that correct?? I always thought the Baby doesn't have that because the big one also doesn't...

    ^Check out that link for lots of pictures of the many styles of Cabas.

    Yes, the baby one is the one with the CC medallion, no CC stitched onto the bag, and the quilted pattern bottom (like in my signature).
  8. Thank you soooo much!! :yahoo:You are the first one that can tell me!! Believe it or not, the Chanel store in my town (a capital city!!) could not answer that question...:cursing:
    Thank you again!!
    I think we two are the only ones that are already awake right now :P ...what's the time at your place right now?? I live in Europe, I don't know the time difference between Hawai and Europe...I think you are about 12 hours back right? At my place it's 2 pm..
  9. Gals..For me,I'm looking for a Cabas in Jeans.How about th price?How many size are they have?Please help..:confused1:
  10. I think there is only one size in Denim. I have never seen two sizes. The one size costs 950 Euro (I am European). But they are sold out anyway in Europe so....maybe you are lucky in the US...
    G. :heart:
  11. Thanks for the informarion Giulia,it helps me alot..:heart:
  12. I believe the denim retailed for $1295.
  13. yes, denim is $1295.
    baby cabas now is $1995
    and larger size is $2195.
    i believe those area current price ( fall 2007).
    agree with roey. :P
  14. there are 2 sizes for the denim cabas. im not familiar with it. im sure the smaller is 1295 and the larger one is something else.
  15. ahh you also know if the smaller one has stiching at the bottom (like the small leather one)?