Coco hard to find?

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  1. Hi! I'm new. I kept seeing this bag around and in mags and tried to figure out what it was which led me to here. I finally figured out that it was a Cabas Coco baby. How hard are they to come by? I saw someone post a small black was available and then that it was gone within ten minutes of her posting. I'm a Prada girl so I'm not familiar with Chanel and the demand but from reading it sounds like I'd have to buy sight unseen. I'm in DC area for a few is likely the Chanel boutique in McLean would actually have any (any color) in stock to actually view? I'd be tempted to go through eBay but if I'm spending that much I'd rather be able to get it through an authorized dealer. Anyway, just wondering how hard they are to I've never done Chanel I don't have a trusted SA. If there are wailists, any idea if they are excessively long? Thanks!
  2. Hi and welcome!! :welcome: It's pretty hard to come across a baby cabas since the waitlists are pretty long. I'm not sure if the boutiques would have them on the shelves, but they might have a cabas or two in the back that are waiting to be shipped. There are quite a few reputable sellers on ebay and the lovely ladies can help point you in the right direction in the "Authenticate This" thread. I hope this helps, and good luck!! :smile:
  3. it seems that they are more readily available now from before. Your best bet is to just call the stores periodically. Specifically NM, bergdorf and saks. Chanel will tell you they are sold out. Dept stores seem to have better stock. Which color are you looking for? also, check ebay..just post what you find in the authenticate this thread..they arent that hard to obtain if you are ontop of things :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for info! And thanks for the heads up about the department stores. I am from Indiana so we have a Saks in Indianapolis which is within a driveable distance for me. I will try to stop by the NM and Saks that are around DC while I am in the area--I will see if they have some in back I could at least look at. Good idea.

    I thought going through Chanel might be better but seems like not. I am not looking for a particular color...probably not black though as I have a Prada bag that size I am in love with and carry nonstop. Don't need two black bags of the same size (I'm not *that* purse hardcore).
  5. I know the NM at Tysons II in DC does not have the baby cabas in stock. I was there yesterday and put my name down on the list if/when they get more in. Saks at Tysons does not carry Chanel. Not sure about the Saks at Chevy Chase.

    I would just put your name on the list and wait until they call. I think they are starting to trickle into stores. Good luck and have fun in DC!:smile:
  6. My SA thinks she can get you a white one. Her name is Delyse and her phone number is 248-808-0712. She's there on Saturday ay 10 am.
  7. i think the blk and white ones are very available. just make sure you check in here every so often, i've passed on many opporutnities for both the black and the white. i'm pretty sure more of the stores are expecting an replenishment shipment of both colors. the metallics will be alittle tougher to get
  8. the baby cabas lists are very long. good luck.
  9. Aprilvalentine, my husband called the puse department up at Troy todayat 2:00 but she was gone for the day. The lady who picked up the phone just told my husband they were sold out completely. Should I call untill I actually speak with your SA? Since she is the Chanel specialist, would she have more of an idea?
  10. She actually isn't the specialist, but she always seems to find what I want. She's persistant and she has a several very good relationships with SA's at other stores, so they will usually send her what she wants. Some store's SA's actually lie when asked about stock, as they want to keep the possible sale for themselves. I've actually caught them doing it. Delyse called for me while I was standing at the counter and she was told they didn't have a certain purse. I called the same store 5 minutes (literally) later while I was still at said counter, and, like magic, they had one all of a sudden. :cursing: Definately call her cell phone though. The number again is 248-808-0712. Tell her April referred you, she's always very accomodating to the people I send her for some reason. :shrugs: Don't feel bad about calling her cell, she has it just for her clients, it's not a personal line.
    Good luck!
    BTW, she usually works on Sunday and is off Mon. & Tues.
  11. April thank you for the info and your help! We actually followed another tip on here and found one at Bergdorf Goodman and got it ordered! So happy I don't have to go the Ebay route.
  12. Congrats at the find! Normally sold out bags are not neccesarily sold out. Stock in departments stores seem to be very poorly accounted for and quite a few float around. Sometimes you also bump into Ss that have no diea what you are tokking about when you give them the name of the bag..