coco cabas grande 995$ seen one?

  1. Im looking for the Black Vinyl Coco Cabas Grande ~ $995
    anyone seen one?​
  2. Haven't seen the vinyl, but I saw the large black leather bag at SF Chanel just yesterday. Not sure what the price was, but it was very nice.
  3. Do you know if it was the original cabas or the baby? Thanks
  4. ^^^^It was definitely the original because it had the large logo on the front, no quilt stitching at the bottom and was a lot bigger than my baby cabas!
  5. Hi, I have one in Large. Black vinyl.
  6. I have one too.

    The large cabas in calfskin is $1695. The baby cabas is $1795.
  7. I don't know the $, but how can the baby cabas be more expensive than the large one?:wtf:

  8. The baby cabas is the new and improved version of the previous cabas.
    So hence the price increase. Ask Chanel who priced it, not me. :Push: