Coco Cabas: Da OG!!


How much should I fork over??

  1. $1650 to $1700 - Not a penny above retail!

  2. $1700 to $2000 - A small premium, but worth it!

  3. $2000 to $2300 - Hey, it's a hard to find bag!

  4. $2300 to $2600 - Nothing is too much for the Cabas!

  5. $2600 to $____ - You've gotta be kidding...!!

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  1. Since I only recently saw the light and discovered Chanel (right after the price increase, lucky me) I was sadly ignorant of the wondrous bag called the Coco Cabas. As a true convert, I now must have it!! Alas, these rare beauties are no longer to be found, unless bought at a great price. I beseech you, my dearest Chanel compatriots, to aid me in deciding what amount is considered relatively reasonable for the original Cabas.

    My utmost gratitude for your assistance!!! :flowers:

    (PS - not sure why I felt it was necessary to write in such Olde English...:p)
  2. I would ask to be put on the list and get one from the store. They are coming in again, around July-August.

    PS - I like the Olde English! :smile:
  3. I think about 2100, 2200 . The baby cabas is easier to find, the original is pretty rare! What color do you want?
  4. Hmm, that's a tough one Jenn. I'm the most impatient person ever. If I want a bag, I must have it ASAP. I know that some stores are still getting in the baby cabas, but I haven't heard anything about the original. The trunk show is nearing so maybe wait until then to see if the original is coming back. Isn't the trunk show in 2 weeks?
  5. Thanks Jayne1...I think it's time for tea and crumpets too ;)

    sjunky13 - I'm just going for the basic black. Goes with everything, don't have to worry about getting it dirty, etc.

    Jenn - I'm really impatient too!! It's tough because I've heard (around this forum) that the original size isn't going to be made again. Which makes me want to pull the trigger, but definitely not at the prices on eBay right now - $2799 BIN?? No thank you!! :yucky:
  6. ^^:wtf: wow Jenn, that's a little much! Don't you hate how when you hear that the bag won't be back, it just makes you want it even more! G'luck w/your decision. Keep checking on eBay, the might be one that show's up w/out the ridiculous mark up.
  7. I was told it is coming in again. I put my name down for the original, large size, although I may not want it because I saw something else that's coming in for fall that I may want more.
  8. Are you looking for the Original cabas or the baby cabas? if the baby cabas, then hold out another 1-2 weeks....stores are starting to get them in.
  9. Ooo, really??? :nuts: Now THAT I could do...although the list is closed at my neighborhood Saks :sad:

    cisforcoco - I'm looking for the original large Cabas hence the title "Da OG"...just trying to be gangsta :lol:
  10. oh, haha then email Yana and ask her to give you a heads up when someone decides to send her one for consignment ;)
  11. butterfliie, I bought a dk grey original cabas on eBay a bit ago for well over 2k and it was SO worth it to me. I love it! I have not heard anything about the original coming back, but we'll see I guess. My opinion is if it does come back, I would bet retail will be over 2k as the baby cabas being released for fall are supposed to retail at $1975 or $1995. So when you take into account tax and all, just over 2k on ebay is not that crazy. Just my 10 cents....
  12. I'd only go over retail by a little, its a gorgeous bag but still
  13. hmm, the new cabas sound so tempting. Good luck with getting the original one.
  14. bellafiore: I was wondering who got that beauty - was coveting that color - lucky you!
  15. ^^I love the the dark grey cabas. I have so many black bags so it's a nice change.

    Something to consider...
    What does retail price mean anymore anyway?
    With these price increases the classics went up $400. in one day.... and that $1650 price for the original cabas was a looooong time ago.