Coco Cabas Controversy

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  1. I know that I have talked with many of you about the supposed different sizes of the "Baby" Cabas. I received the knew CHANEL lookbook today for fall. There are two sizes. The new size, which is larger, is a North/South version of the original "Baby" Coco Cabas from Cruise 2007 collection. The prices for the fall merchandise will be $1995 for the orginial size and $2195 for the North/South size.

    I hope this clears up all of the questions that I have been asked.
  2. Actually, it doesn't... for me. :P

    Are you saying there will be no original, oversize Cabas? Just a larger Baby that is North/South (what does that mean?) and more editions of the Cruise Baby Cabas?
  3. The way I understand it, the original oversize will not be returning and there are now two sizes of the Cruise Baby Cabas: the original version from Cruise that retailed for $1795 and is now increased to $1995, and the new n/s version which is taller than the Cruise BC.
  4. do you happen to know what are the colors of the cabas for next season?
  5. CHANELboy, is it possible to post the new fall lookbook for us or could you email it to me? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for the clarification, roey!

    I would love to see a picture of that, since I'm wait-listed for it. Wouldn't a N/S version make it a tote and not a Cabas? Does anyone have a picture?
  7. N/S just means it's a little taller and narrower.
  8. we would LOVE to see pics...if possible!!!(please??)
  9. I will not have pictures until our Fall/Winter trunk show.

    For fall, we are receiving both the original "Baby" Cabas and the new "North/South" Cabas. The colors will be either black or khaki (bronze).