coco cabas bronze

  1. what do you girls think....
    a good investment? they don't have any in the chanel boutiques and the ones on eBay are super expensive!
  2. i have the black baby cabas and i use her almost everyday, she's worth it! i'm sure you'll still be able to find them in the stores, you never know if there are some lurking around still. good luck and merry xmas!
  3. The bronze is a pretty bag, good luck finding one. I haven't seen one in a while.
  4. I wanted a khaki cabas for ages but recently changed my mind, I tend to go for quirky bags these days but if you are to use it alot I guess $ per wear would make it worth it.
  5. I think it is a good investment. I want a bronze Baby Cabas,too.
  6. It's a good every day bag... go for it
  7. I have this bag and used it everyday last winter and am using it everday this winter. It's been a great bag!
  8. i have white baby cabas and i love it...i just need it because i travel a lot it's a good bag..but i like the black too!
  9. oh wait i know someone who sells this but let me double check with me if you like
  10. I have the bronze baby cabas...and I bag..When I purchased mine in October the Chanel reps stated that the bag was totally sold out...However, I found one at Saks....I hope you find one also...Happy holidays...
  11. I LOVE the bronze baby cabas. I've been wanting to purchase it for a while now but have put that thought on hold because I've been busy buying Bal bags instead. :push: I know that I would get alot of wear out of her though.