Coco cabas bag...

  1. Soo--Im waiting for a shipment from my SA and she said theyre getting it in Satin, caviar leather and vinyl

    Im pretty sure I dont want there is NOT patent leather?

    And which are the sizes for each of the leather types and what color options are there?

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. No patent.

    Vinyl in two sizes.
    Satin in two sizes.
    Leather in one size.

    Colors posted on several threads...
  3. okies i read that just now from digging around a little--lazy me...sorry =X

    just trying to spend more time on "work" and less browsing the threads for chanel info haha...

    i didnt notice any pics of people with the leather coco cabas bag on them right?

    thanks so much socal! (ur on TFS too right?)
  4. I so understand...

    Yes, occasionally on TFS but love the speed of conversation on tPF!

    Another short-cut...
    Chanel 002.jpg Chanel 001.jpg
  5. ^ Can hardly stand the terrible angle of the shoulder pic above, but I will post and take one "for the team"...
  6. awww thanks...yah i suck at taking pics so no worries the bag and size...have to see the color in person thogh-def looks very grey in ur pic...

    yah i remembered u from TFS...i love that board too but this board is def easier to navigate and all ;)
  7. Here is a close-up. The black leather is definitely distressed with a slightly "faded" appearance. Took her for a spin last much fun!
    Chanel 003.jpg
  8. i LOVE LOVE it...ok trying to patiently wait for my SA to call me now haha
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