Coco Cabas availability??

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  1. Hello all,

    Quick question-I have always like the Cabas due to its roominess but was it only seasonal or is it still in production? I love my flap and all but I find I get more use out of a big bag as I use my St Louis almost everyday so I'm on the hunt for this one!!

  2. Is no longer avail.
  3. ^true but you can get one from a reseller like EBay or Bonanzle. I bought a brand new w/ tags attached black baby cabas about a year ago from a reseller on Bonanzle! Love it to death! GL
  4. There seem to be a lot of baby cabas floating around but I still haven't found a single original cabas. I have a standing search order at Ebay for it, but almost two years later and nothing has yet come up.
  5. Really? I haven't been actively searching for a Cabas since I bought one but I have seen the larger Cabas many times on EBay and there were a few on Fashionphile maybe 6 months ago...
  6. I did see one or two in demin and some in vinyl but I haven't seen one in black leather. I could have missed it though. Sometimes when I've been away I delete the search result since its already old once I'm home again.
  7. yes, u def missed them because I wasn't even thinking about all the denim ones I saw. Def saw a few black and brown leather....
  8. Thanks, I guess I have to scrutinize my search results better.