Coco Boy or Classic Flap Maxi? Help Appreciated! :)

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm in Dubai on vacation and am torn between a red patent Coco Boy bag or a Maxi Classic Flap red in lambskin. The SA (who is AMAZING!!) was nice enough to hold the Coco Boy until Saturday when I need to make a final decision.

    Ladies and gents of TPF, HELP! I can't decide since I love both!

    Both are amazing bags, but I worry about how patent will age over time. I would use them on more "dressy-casual" occasions, but can't decide which one will work the best. I have a few Classic Flaps and seasons in different sizes, but don't have any Boy Bags. What are your thoughts on the Coco Boy? It is a cross between chevron and quilted, and is from the new seasonal collection.

    Thanks for the help! :biggrin:
  2. Not keen on coco Boy. looks weird to me with the mixed pattern. Moreover, cf will have better resale value than cocoboy if there's a need to sell in the future.
  3. I would go with the Boy since you already have CFs in your collection
  4. Classic flap all day everyday!! Don't really like patent bc mine started to crack after a few wears!! Have had my lambskin flaps for years w no problems!! Not to mention resale value is much much better
  5. How hard is Chanel patent to care for? I tend to baby my lambskin pieces and am quite a bit rougher with my caviar ones. I read mixed things on patent's durability in some of the other posts, but am interested to know how it holds up over time.

  6. Patent was a lot harder for me!!! I do not baby bags and lambskin has been good to me however I have not carried them on a daily basis!! Caviar however can be thrown around and still look brand new. I had issues when opening and closing. Got a crease almost immediately and it seemed like the coating was not the best. It seemed like it was going to fall apart right away. Not to mention color transfer.
  7. I vote for classic flap !!! Timeless and elegant , I will choose cf if need to pick one ! Good luck in your decision :smile:
  8. Classic flap! It is just a gorgeous bag.
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