Coco Baby Cabas Available

  1. I happened to phone Bergdorf Goodman in NYC today on a whim and a :angel: and I found a brand new White Baby Cabas for $1795 (no price increase).
    He has 2 more in stock - they just arrived today.
    I don't get the impression that they even pull out their waiting lists :nogood:

    They also have Black and Khaki coming in any day now.
    They will be $1995.

    I ordered from there as I save sales tax to CA.

    The BG Chanel direct phone #'s are:
    212-872-2854 and 212-872-2856.
    I spoke with Juan who comes in tomorrow @ 11 am EST.
    Alla & Katherine will be in at 9:30 am EST and they all work together as a team.

    Let me know if anyone scores a bag :woohoo:
  2. I would like to get a jumbo flap with MM lock & new chain. Do u think there is any stock at BG?
  3. Give them a call in the morning.
    Sounds like they have good inventory right now :tup:
  4. i got my black metallic reissue from Juan. He is really nice. :p
  5. Strange but I just spoke to Alla and she said they did not order the baby cabas in any other color but black...
  6. Yeah! Thanks for posting picked up the white baby cabas! Pre price increase, and looks like before another one!
  7. Maybe they were all gone today and she wasn't in yesterday?
    They may have been left from a back-order, as I know the white isn't being released for fall.

    I got one, shmoo88 got one, and the 3rd could have sold as well. Please tell me you weren't on a waiting list or I'll feel dreadful :crybaby:
  8. ^no worries, chicbags, i was calling about the bronze for a friend. But Alla said definitely BG did not order any color but black for the ones coming in at the new price.
  9. Phew, I feel much better now :wlae:
    I would have driven it up to Pasadena for you :yes:
    Did you reserve a bronze for your friend?
    What is the name of the 4th person in their team?
    I didn't understand Juan.
    Alla, Katherine, Juan and :confused1:
  10. I think its Galeyna. I've worked with her before and she's sweet. She's emailed me look books. :smile: So they all share commissions? That's cool if they do makes a more friendly environment.
  11. you're sweet! ya i can find another bronze one somewhere else. looks like they're hitting a few boutiques already.