Cocktail Reception South Coast Plaza

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  1. Hey! Is anyone from Southern California attending the Cocktail reception tonight? Don't be a stranger, I'll be wearing my brand spanking new LVOE pin! THANKS MARY, you ROCK!!! :yahoo:
  2. I am not going, but please be sure to fill us in with all the juicy LV details after the party please!
  3. Yep we want a full report please. Have a fab time I wish I could be there.
  4. Have a great time!
  5. Oh yeah!!! You got it, I am so happy for you :smile:
  6. Ooh have a fab time!
  7. I hope you have a blast!!! :nuts:
  8. Have fun and do share a detailed report!!
  9. ooooooooooo, can i go? im not invited though!
  10. ooo i hope you have fun!~
  11. I need a WAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmbulance :crybaby::hysteric:

    Sitting home with a cast from wrist to shoulder, a horrendous cold & dreading a trip to LAX to fetch hubby. Looking at my gorgeous invite & just about to cry. Why does all this crap have to happen now??

    Have a great time, drink lots of Champagne & tell Tita hello, she's a sweety.
  12. Have a great time! Let us know the details!
  13. I wish I could go! I just moved back to Taiwan though :crybaby:They never have events like that here unless it's for like uber VIP customers.

    Have fun! Please give a full report when you return :P
  14. :cry: I wasn't invited. But let us know how it turns out. Have fun
  15. Have a BLAST!